Belgian's favorite beer brand: out with the old, in with the new

- New Look, Same Great Jupiler -

Every single Belgian recognizes its favorite beer brand anywhere. Nonetheless, they will soon have to keep their eyes wide open. Indeed, Belgian’s most popular beer brand is receiving a considerable makeover. Make no mistake, meddling with the quality of our beer is utterly out of the question. Our beer stays exactly the same, only the look changes: a deeper red, coupled with slanted lines. The new metamorphosis will soon be visible on all cans, packaging and labels of the brand. In the coming weeks, the latest facelift will also encompass the whole Jupiler family (Jupiler Blue and Jupiler 0,0%).

Dimitri Van Loock, Marketing manager for Jupiler : “We have recently renewed the logo of the most famous bull in Belgium. We have also given a new identity to our packaging. A sober design serving a modern personality. We believe that a fresh Jupiler needs a fresh look. You may have divergent opinions about the colors, not the taste. The recipe stays the same. It is still 100% Jupiler.”

As of mid-September, the new Jupiler packaging will be available on shop shelves and in bars. A major operation that will certainly take a while. There are more than 20 different types of packaging, and only the promotion material and the new style integration in shops and bars are already monumental undertakings. The latest Jupiler facelift is striking but is part of a gradual evolution that the brand has always undergone. The emblematic bull logo is the best exemple of this. 

 “It was almost 10 years ago since the iconic Jupiler logo underwent such a remarkable visual restyling. The motto “less is more” has never been so true. One might say that the packaging seems less traditional. There are so many interesting things happening nowadays in the packaging world, that small or large changes will happen more often. Beer enthusiasts will soon start to notice it”, says Dimitri Van Loock.

Do you fancy a trip down memory lane? Go back the timeline below until you reach your year of birth. All the cans and bottles are different, they remain however easily identifiable. In the end, there’s one thing that will never change, that is the love Belgians have for their Jupiler and its taste!